My bright ideas might be ruining my life.

I’m great at starting things. I have at least eight half-started (or half-finished, depending on how optimistic you’re feeling) projects, currently, and each time I sit to pursue another scene in one of them, my brain says, “Squirrel!”, and I’m off on a tangent that’s 45 degrees from where I started. So, instead of my project being anywhere closer to finished, it’s now tangled in a messy snarl of side-plotting or ret-conning that I didn’t mean to do but is now just as important to me as the other darlings that I know I need to kill.

I also thought it’d be a great idea to write a screenplay, having never done it before or taken a class on the subject since high school. (I’m sure, at some point, I’ll find a class to audit and the means to do it.) 

All of this because a.) I desperately want something written and “out there”, and b.) because my brain is in panic mode due to our current financial crises (which are ginormous and incredibly scary, to the point where it’s beginning to affect my health… Yay.) and I’m scrambling to finish something… which results in nothing getting finished.

But I’m still trying.


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