NaNoWriMo Accountability ~ Update #1

It’s Day Three and, while I’ve encountered a couple of productivity setbacks, I’m still coming out ahead 3.5k and climbing. I did a lot of pre-planning and laid a lot of groundwork down, to keep myself from having any possible excuse for being stuck. In theory.
So, all told:

Chapters  – 1  |  Words – 3461

On the plus side, I’ve finished Chapter One of the rough draft and am willing to reward your patience with the first snippet!

(Again, this is rough. Rough, rough, rough. So rough that it needs a safeword.)


The sharp rapping at the door would have woken Rab, had he been able to sleep at all. As it was, the urgent shock of noise nearly sent him into a panic.

Tearing his eyes away from the window, where livid fires and dancing demons stretched and flickered forebodingly across the courtyard below, and called, “W-Who is it?”

His voice shook and he cursed under his breath. He was going to die tonight. The brigands had tired of waiting for him to venture from the dubious safety offered by his dormitory room and had come to flush him out. And he couldn’t even summon the bravery to answer the bloody door properly.

If his visitor gave their name, he couldn’t hear it; it was chaos outside. In the hours since news had first trickled in from Culloden, the overwhelming sense of relief — probably that the country was not about to be overrun by Catholic barbarians — had turned into something more sinister. 

Fueled by victory, a roving student mob had begun in the courtyard below Rab’s window and spilled out into the rest of the town. By the crescendo of absolute destruction that followed, one had to assume they’d met up with the mob belonging to Edinburgh proper and that the two had combined forces to ensure that every Jacobite was ferreted out — no matter how many windows they had to smash or doors to kick in. The greater good was brutal for those on the receiving end of it. 


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