The power of A.D.D., channeled for good

This was going to be about my book. In fact, I spent all day agonizing about what to write. What could I possibly write to generate more sales for my writing prompts book ( or to stir creativity in general?

So I started puttering around on Facebook, as y’do. Got distracted by Stephen Amell… as y’do… And saw a request from one of his fans on his Facebook community page, asking for transcripts/captions for his videos.

So I created a grassroots transcriptionist movement.

As you fucking do.

Seriously baffled by the upswell of support I received for the idea, though. Within ten minutes of my mentioning that I’d started typing the video, I had three people messaging me asking if they could help.

We are now a Facebook group, open to the public, and actively recruiting volunteers! If you can type at a decent clip, have a yen to listen to Conversations for a Cause on repeat loops until you’ve worn the letters on your keyboard off, and want to give back to a Nerdolution that has already done so much good in the world (not just for us!), then please come join the crazy:

And if you can’t transcribe, you can pimp us out. I won’t complain one bit.

I hope to see you there!


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